Ultra Beacon Kit (3 pack)

Ultra Beacon Kit (3 pack)


Our most advanced, waterproof beacons with up to 100m range

  • iBeacon & Eddystone ready
  • Waterproof level IP67
  • Built-in Accelerometer
  • 100 meter range in open air
  • 58 month battery life at 1sec broadcast interval
  • Ideal for outdoor and industrial use
  • Technical Specification

    Broadcast Protocol iBeacon & Eddystone
    Chipset nRF51822 256kb 16kb
    Bluetooth Version BLE 4.0
    Bluetooth Range 100 meters in open air
    Battery Type Panasonic CR2477 Battery
    Operating Voltage 1.8v - 3.6v
    Working Current 3.6µA standby average, 21µA normal average
    Side pins for debugging VCC, GND, SWDCLK, SWDIO
    Battery Life 58 months at broadcast rate 1 second
    Certifications FCC/CE/MFI/RoHS
    Waterproof Level IP67


    Buzzer Yes
    Dimensions 42.3mm x 42.3mm x 13.4mm
    Weight 30 g
    Colour Black, white, other colours upon enquiry
  • How to Configure your Beacon

    Download the ProximiPRO Beacon manager app from the Google Play store. In order to configure your Beacon, you must wake-up the device for configuration


    1. Tap your Beacon 3-5 times against a hard surface (eg: a table) until you hear a buzz sound from the device alerting that it's ready for configuration. In the case no sound is generated, please try again a little harder (different Beacons may have different sensitivity). The USB model needs to be connected to a USB port or AC adapter. If you have a Slim model, you must press the button for 3 seconds until you hear a buzz sound.
    2. In models Mini, Pro, Ultra Waterproof and Slim after hearing the buzzing sound, your Beacon will be available for the next 45 seconds waiting for the configuration app. The USB model is automatically available when plugged-in for up to 45 seconds. After that period without being connected by the app, the unit will enter sleep mode again. If you want to start configuration again return to step 1. The band model is always in configuration mode but it needs to detect motion to start running.
    3. Open the ProximiPRO Manager app and search for surrounding Beacons. Units ready for configuration will appear with an indication with text in bold text.
    4. Click on the unit you want to configure and enter the PIN or click on default PIN if you did not change it from the original value. NOTE: if you enter the wrong PIN 10 consecutive times, the unit will lock for 30 minutes rejecting further configuration requests during that period.
    5. Now you can modify the parameters as desired. There are 4 different tabs: General, iBeacon, Eddystone and Sensors.
    6. The first one refers to general settings such as mode, battery status, broadcast rate, distance calibration, transmission power and device security pin.
    7. NOTE: our Beacons implement an efficient energy management scheme to extend battery life, keeping the battery in a very low-energy mode. Due to this lowenergy mode you may receive inconsistent battery reports over time with values even in the range 50%-60% while the battery is almost full. You don’t have to worry about that: the battery will last for months and eventually will report the right battery level (even 100% after some weeks of use).
    8. The next tab refers to iBeacon settings, where UUID, Major and Minor values can be edited.
    9. The tab named Eddystone contains Eddystone settings where you can modify URL address for your Beacon or Eddystone-UID parameters (namespace id and instance id).
    10. Finally, the last tab named Sensors contains beacon sensor settings where you can modify motion sensibility and mode for Ultra Waterproof model.