Easy to use platform to manage your zones, content, campaigns and analytics.

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ProximiPRO Engage Platform


Campaign Wizard

Our wizard helps you get up and running in minutes. It walks you through every step to set up zones, contents and campaigns.

Unlimited Content

You can upload unlimited amounts of content including images, custom HTML, video's and URL's.

Unlimited Campaigns

Tee up your campaigns in advance. Set the time, date or days of the week you want your customers to receive your content.


Our analytics provide an overview of how your customers are interacting with your content and campaigns. You can also add your Google Analytics API key and link your account.


Available for iOS and Android the SDK provides the tools to add beacon scanning functionality to your existing app or the freedom to develop a bespoke app from the ground up.


With our agency account you can have unlimited sub-accounts, ideal for anyone that needs to manage multiple clients.

Easy campaign setup wizard guides
you through the process


Select your zone

Start by selecting an existing zone from the dropdown menu. If you don't have a zone setup simply create a new zone by completing the required fields.


Select your content

Select the content you wish to attach to the zone (you can add new content during this stage if required). You can attach multiple contents to a zone and drag and drop the order you wish them to display.


Define your campaign

During this stage you have the option to define when your contents will be displayed. You can set time of day, days of week and date range. 


Campaign summary

The summary page provides an overview of the first three stages of the wizard and the option to change the zones, content and campaign setup. When you click save your campaign is ready to go.

Dashboard overview of your campaigns, content and zones

Our simple dashboard provides a clear overview of all your account details.

You can check number of zones, live campaigns as well as beacon (zone) activity.

Multiple content options to create
engaging campaigns

text &
bespoke html
QR codes
web pages

Analyse and feedback on your campaigns

Visualise how customers are engaging with your campaigns. Understand user behaviour and fine tune your campaigns.

Deploy A/B testing and maximise your campaign impact by zone, content and campaign. Google Analytics is also integrated if you need to sync with your existing setup.

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