Multiple industries are leveraging the power of BLE beacons and context-aware messaging

Hotels & Hospitality

Improving client interactivity is just one of the ways that the hospitality industry is succeeding in leveraging the power of beacons. You can now find them being used for advanced check-in, wayfinding or keyless room entry. Beacons are also instrumental in reducing waste and helping the planet by replacing printed materials such as feedback forms, posters and frequently changing menus.

Stadiums, Festivals
& Events

An industry vertical that has been a pioneer in the use of BLE technology. Integrating beacon scanning functionality to their event Apps allows their customers to easily navigate venues, replacing the "you are here" maps. You can also deliver in-the-moment content, get customers' instant feedback or gamify the occasion with treasure hunts.

Real Estate

A huge growth area for IoT technology. Constructors are implementing beacons in show homes to highlight the key features of new properties. Agencies use them in store and in property to support the sales lifecycle. The emergence of sell your own home allows individual home owners to broadcast the key features of their property at a fraction of the normal agency costs. Rentals are also using beacons to share key information such as local attractions or even what the WiFi password is.  


Another early adopter, retail has been at the forefront of using beacons. Customer loyalty & reward schemes are just the start. Store navigation, dwell times and in depth data analytics allow marketeers and merchandisers to better understand in store customer behaviour which in turn leads to better insight for merchandising , product placement and influence the customer journey.


Transport and infrastructure use beacons to not only communicate with latest offers or incentives. Combined with an App they have been helping visually impaired passengers navigate train stations and find the correct platform. They are also used to understand footfall and dwell times to improve the indoor navigation for  buildings at airports, train stations or any large transport hub .  


Beacons offer healthcare greater opportunity for communicating with patients, visitors and staff. Whether it's informing of the latest health warnings or providing health advice. You can also deliver alerts when nearing restricted areas or reminder to adhere to rules regarding health and safety for staff ("you are entering a sterile area wash your hands"). Healthcare also recognise that low cost beacons can be attached to expensive equipment and track their position, locating items more efficiently such as wheelchairs or beds. Wearable beacons, such as our wristband beacon can also be worn by patients either for tracking, identification or displaying their medical history via a suitable healthcare App.


The efficiency of employees or contractors responsible for securing buildings and premises can be significantly improved by placing beacons throughout. Used in partnership with a smartphone app you can monitor times or determine the order of a security round. In addition, with our campaign management platform Engage, you can deliver risk alerts for staff or security personnel in areas that present health risk such as heavy machinery, chemicals and other restricted areas.

Asset Tracking

Locating equipment or employees in real time is a huge growth area for beacon technology as it greatly improves operational efficiency. You can reduce search times, improve stock visibility and reduce stock loss. With our app you can receive alerts based on a number of filters such as enter/exit a zone, asset movement using the beacon accelerometer or determine temperature and humidity thresholds.