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Nearby Notifications



Which subscription plan is right for me?

We offer a free 30 day DEMO account for anyone that wants to test proximity marketing and beacons for the first time. For “in-house” teams we offer a Starter or Enterprise plan and for companies who manage proximity marketing campaigns for their own clients we offer a Reseller or Agency plan. Contact info@proximipro.com for further advice.

Yes you can. Each of our subscription plans allows you to increase zones for a limited amount of time. Ideal if you need to increase coverage for events, holiday offers like Black Friday. When the event is finished you can remove these additional Zones.

No. While some clients have invested in their own App and prefer to integrate our platform API’s to search for beacons, ProximiPRO’s platform and beacons are compatible with Eddystone protocol allowing you to deliver content via Google Nearby on Android devices.

Yes we can. If you have a bespoke requirement we can set up the campaign, pre-configure the beacons, install the beacons and deliver analytics. Contact info@proximipro.com for more information.

Yes we can. You have the option of rebranding the ProximiPRO Demo App or we can create a custom App to your specification.  Simply contact info@proximipro.com for further details.

Yes. We are always looking to partner with organisations who understand the benefits of proximity based marketing. We already work with companies that have specific knowledge of industry verticals such as Retail, Healthcare, Transport, Manufacturing, Corporate Communications as an example. Contact us via info@proximipro.com for further information.

Yes, however you will need to reconfigure those beacons with ProximiPRO’s unique UUID.


How does a user receive content via a beacon?

There are two ways to send a content using beacon technology. Both require Bluetooth enabled on a Smartphone.

Using iBeacon protocol requires an App installed on an iOS device. The App will scan for beacons, connect to the platform and download the contents assigned to the beacons. 

Using Eddystone protocol the beacon delivers a short URL to an Android device which has Google Nearby™ enabled.

Zones can be either beacons or a GeoLocations (also known as Geofencing). If an individual is within the broadcast range of a beacon they will receive the content via a compatible App or through Google Nearby. With GeoLocation, an individual will receive content when they enter the GPS coordinated of that zone.

You can create zones using longitude and latitude and then set the broadcast radius via the platform. The App uses the GPS of the Smartphone to scan if a user is physically in the radius of the zone. The platform will then send the content to the App on the user’s smartphone.

Very simple. Our set up wizard will help you get your first campaign live in only a few minutes.

The platform allows you to deliver Web Content via by adding a URL or add your own custom HTML. You can also add an image, ideal if you want to show coupons, promotions or information. There is also an option to add a Video link to Youtube or Vimeo.

Yes, all of our beacons are. You can set the beacon to broadcast in either protocol or both at the same time.

iBeacon is a beacon protocol created by Apple™ and Eddystone is a beacon protocol created by Google™.  You do not require an App to receive content on Android devices that support Nearby notifications using Eddystone protocol.

The platform has two types of notifications, Local and Push.

ProximiPRO provide access to platform analytics so you can see the results of your campaign. In addition you also have the option of using Google Analytics by adding your Google API key within your profile section.

Nearby Notifications

What is Google Nearby Notifications?

Nearby Notifications helps users to discover what’s around them, by surfacing location-specific notifications for apps and websites, with no prior app install required.

Nearby Notifications works with all types of Eddystone beacon, and also iBeacon.

There are two basic types of experiences that you can provide using Nearby Notifications:

  • Link to an HTTPS URL to provide a notification to the user, and open the URL in the browser when the user taps the notification.
  • Trigger an app intent to launch an app that is already installed and perform a specific action. If the app isn’t installed, the user is taken to the Play Store where the app can be installed; the user can then continue to the feature specified by the developer.

Using Nearby Notifications, you can:

  • Drive your own app installs.
  • Open personal or business profiles in social apps.
  • Launch conversations or chatbots inside messaging apps.
  • Drive consumers to content about nearby products.
  • Help users explore store inventory.
  • Drive checkins, reviews within local/travel apps.

No. One of the key benefits of Nearby Notifications is no App is required. Nearby Notifications is supported on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and newer.

Nearby Notifications works in parallel with Eddystone-URL and Physical Web with the exact behavior depending on your use-cases and capabilities. For example, if you have one use-case that is available on your website, you might use an Eddystone-URL beacon. If the use-case is available in your app, you might use Nearby Notifications with an app intent.

App intent URLs are used to trigger an Intent in an app. When an app intent URL is received, the associated app responds to the parameters contained in the URL, provided that the corresponding app intent filter is present. If the app is not installed, the user is taken to the Play Store to install the app. After the app is installed they can then launch the app and continue to the feature specified by the developer.


Are your beacons compatible with iBeacon or Eddystone?

Our beacons are compatible with both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols. You can set the beacon to broadcast in either protocol or both at the same time.

No. All of our beacons are pre-configured with UUID, Major and Minor settings. They are also supplied with a QR code containing the MAC address of the beacon. Contact us via info@proximipro.com if you require your own configuration. 

Yes, our ProximiPRO beacon manager app allows you to configure the beacons. 

Yes. We also offer a beacon customisation service if you require your own logo. Simply contact info@proximipro.com for further details.

Yes. Currently our Ultra and Pro beacons can be supplied with accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors. These are currently non-stock items so minimum order quantities may be required. Please contact info@proximipro.com for further details.

The broadcast range of the beacons is typically between 30 to 100m in open range.

The battery life varies between 6 to 24 months and depends of the broadcast rate of the beacon and whether you are broadcasting both iBeacon and Eddystone simultaneously.