Five Star: Locating skis and skiers in the snow

The forward thinking, high quality, Swiss ski manufacturer

With great passion and an understanding that not every ski is suitable to every skier drove the founders of Swiss Five Star to develop their unique company.

Thomas Koller, the inspiration behind the Swiss Five Star, made his vision of the perfect ski a reality. A passionate skier himself, as well as a certified Swiss ski instructor, Thomas has shared the joy of skiing with many other avid skiers and in so doing, has learned a great deal about the needs and preferences of the individual skier.

Hardware meets software genius

Five Star incorporates ProximiPRO beacons in there skis for use in their ingenious app. The unique connection of their five star ski with the SOS.SKI-APP on smartphones gives their customers up-to-date information and appropriate services at the right time, in the right place for enhanced skiing fun – before, during and after the skiing day.

  • Anti-theft system for skis
  • Easy ski location
  • Performance tracking (Km/h, altitude etc.)
  • Community tracking (friends radar, challenge-track)