Fagor: Achieving traceability of merchadise

The consumer electricals expert

Fagor Electrodomésticos is a large domestic and commercial appliance manufacturer based in the Basque Country, Spain. Fagor is Spain’s largest consumer appliance company and the fifth largest electrical appliance company in Europe, manufacturing a wide range of domestic appliances, including washing machines, refrigerators and ovens.

The RTLS need

As a domestic appliance giant, Fagor’s logistics and distribution network is large and complex. As part of their continual quest for improvements, they set a goal to increase the transparency of their logistics chain with the ability to locate fleet (Flotasnet) in real time.

The solution

ProximiPRO developed and installed gateway devices on Fagor’s fleet of delivery vehicles. These gateways are able to detect Bluetooth Low Energy beacons which we installed on the assets themselves. In real-time they transmit the information to Fagor’s asset management platform via GPRS

Thanks to this solution, Fagor now have visibility in their management dashboard of management the number of assets their fleet transports, how they move each one of them, and the times, throughout the entire logistics chain.

  • Gateways installed on fleet vehicles
  • BLE beacons installed on valuable assets
  • Real-time tracking of the assets
  • Integrated into existing asset tracking system