How to use the ProximiPRO Demo App

When you first open the app

When you open the App for the first time you will see the Welcome to ProximiPRO screen.

You can sign in to the demo app by either entering your account API key or choosing the “Enter Demo Account” option.

The ProximiPRO demo App is available in both iOS and Android.

Enter Demo Account

You do not require a platform subscription or beacons to test the App using the Demo account. You will be able to simulate the receipt of content via the app by following these simple steps:


Click “Enter Demo Account” and from the main screen click on the menu button.


From the menu, select Settings.


Within the settings screen enable the “Simulate Beacons” option.


From the menu choose
Search around”.


Now tap the refresh icon on the top right corner.


You will now receive random simulated content within the App. The image above is an example.

Using Account API Key


You can find your account API key within your profile section of your platform account.


When you enter the API key in the demo App you will be required to select a birthdate and gender and click “sign up”, this is to showcase the segmentation capability of the platform when working with campaigns.


After you click sign up you will enter the same content search screen that is shown in the Demo account. Just like the Demo account you need to enter the settings page and ensure that the beacon simulation is disabled.


You can now return to the content search screen and search for content via your beacon or geolocation.

Additional app settings explained

ProximiPRO API-Key

This key is connected to your platform account and ensures that the app recognises content from your account.

iBeacon UUID

By default, the ProximiPRO iBeacon UUID is pre-installed. The app will recognise beacons with this UUID and deliver any available content.

Simulate Beacons

The Simulate Beacons setting allows you to test content delivery if you don't have any beacons. When this setting is enabled, you will receive demo content from the platform via the app search screen. For the best experience we recommend that you buy some beacons.


When enabled the app will alert you to push notifications sent from the platform.

Background mode

When Background mode is enabled, the app will search for contents even when the app is closed. When you use this with Automatic Discovering enabled, the app will alert you when content is available.

Automatic Discovering

The app will constantly scan for available content within the search screen without you having to manually scan or refresh.


This enables you to trigger content delivery based on the longitude and latitude of a zone. You do not require beacons when using GeoLocated zones.