We’re making our platform available to public services to enable contactless messaging during the fight against COVID-19, free-of-charge.

With the evolution of COVID-19 rapidly developing on a daily basis, we recognise the additional strain placed on the health system and emergency services. To help in any way we can, ProximiPRO would like to offer our cloud platform for free to assist these critical services during this global crisis.


Our platform enables the delivery of contactless communication to geolocated zones or Bluetooth beacons, helping reduce the risk of contact with the virus.


How does this work?

Messaging you enter into the ProximiPRO platform online, is then delivered to the smartphones (via the app) of anyone that enters the geolocation or proximity of the beacon*.

We already offer a free SDK allowing you to create an application with beacon scanning functionality or add it to an existing application. This is available in native iOS and Android as well as ReactNative.


Instant updates

You can update any information (on the platform) and deliver this instantly, therefore key workers and the general public are receiving the most up to date advice.


Where would it be used?

Public areas

A geolocated zone (or beacon) could be in an area normally populated by the public that now needs to be isolated; such as parks, outdoor gyms, schools, community centres. The messaging could be a reminder of the restrictions on these areas, stay at home advice, travel restrictions, and reminders on what to do and who to contact if members of the public feel they need assistance.


Hospitals and medical centres

Patient and staff communication, informing the latest health warnings or providing health advice. You can also deliver alerts when nearing restricted areas or reminders to adhere to rules regarding health and safety and use of PPE for staff.



Messaging here could start externally, with reminders that when queuing people need to keep 2m apart, or what to expect when they enter the store, use of hand sanitizer on entry, perhaps even to advise the availability of key food items to avoid unnecessary queuing. Internally, messaging could include prompts not to bulk buy or if you have restrictions on item quantities, or reminders to maintain social distancing.



Similar to supermarkets, messaging can be delivered externally or internally, advising opening hours, what to do in an emergency or again advising availability of key items such as hand sanitisers to avoid unnecessary queuing or entry to the pharmacy.


Now more than ever, our commitment must go through taking care of ourselves, being responsible and following the instructions of the Health Authorities.

For more information on our platform, click here.

If you are a public services in need of ProximiPRO support during this crisis, please email us at  

1. This offer is made specifically for the use of public services in order to help with the fight against COVID-19, participants will be qualified on application. 2. This offer is specifically for the ProximimiPRO platform, Business (10 zone) and Agency (20 zone) subscriptions, which when used with geolocations and our free SDK (for integration in customers own mobile phone apps), during this offer will be free of charge to qualifying public services. 3. Hardware and additional zones are not included in the offer. 4. This offer is not for resale. 5. We reserve the right to terminate any account found to be abusing this free offer for monetary gain. 6. The life of the free offer shall be determined by the development of the crisis, but shall be no less than three months and no more than six months. 7. All other terms and conditions apply