Simple to use proximity marketing platform. Easily set up your zones (Bluetooth beacons or geolocations) to deliver content in the right place at the right time — start for free!

Contactless communications



Bluetooth beacons or geolocations



content and campaign management and anlytics



to receive content from the platform triggered by the beacons and relay analytics to the platform


A complete set of tools for engagement

10 beacon or geolocation zones included

Manage your fleet. More than enough to cover a town or chain of stores.

Unlimited amount of campaigns

Tee up your campaigns in advance. Set the time, date or days of the week you want your audience to receive your content.

Unlimited amount of contents

You can upload unlimited amounts of content including images, custom HTML, video's and URL's.

Built-in analytics

See exactly what’s going on with your campaigns. You can also add your Google Analytics API key and link that account.


Plan like a pro

10 beacon or geolocation zones included

You can set time of day, days of week and date range.

Segmentation built in

Campaigns don’t have to be one size fits all. You decide what profile receives content.

End user protection

All user information is anonymous so you don’t break any privacy rules.

Handy set-up wizard

Set up just got easier. You’ll get campaigns up and running in seconds.

Multiple content options

Get creative to engage and inform

Send out alerts, offers or simply advice

Video content supported

Send links to videos on YouTube or Vimeo

Point to external web content

Drive traffic to your website or ecommerce store. Take surveys and gather insights.

Get playful

It’s not just for the kids. Get your audience fully immersed in the experience with treasure hunts or fun walk through’s.


Understand what’s
going on

Analysis and feedback on your campaigns

Visualise how customers are engaging with your campaigns. Understand audience behavior and fine tune your campaigns.

Deploy A/B testing

Maximise your campaign impact through A.B testing by zone, content and campaign.

Google analytics supported

Google Analytics is also integrated if you need to sync with your existing setup.


Last but not least!

Push notifications

Visualise how customers are engaging with your campaigns. Understand user behaviour and fine tune your campaigns.

Free iOS & Android demo apps

You’ll get to see every bit of functionality in action. Decide what functionality you need or don’t.

Free SDK

Our free SDK is available in iOS, Android and ReactNative so you can add the functionality to an exiting app or build your own from the ground up.

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