Deploy hyper-local proximity based projects in under 10 minutesSolutions that provide richer customer experiences and tracking of valuable assets

BLE Beacon

Easy to deploy beacons for use in Proximity Marketing or RTLS applications. Our range also includes temperature and humidity sensor beacons and discrete wearables.

Wireless Gateway

BLE and WiFi device that works with beacons for RTLS applications, feeding realtime location analytics directly to our platform and mobile app.

Marketing & RTLS Platforms

Feature rich, easy to use platforms for engaging proximity marketing and RTLS projects.

Manager & Demo Apps

Our free Beacon manager & Demo Apps make it easy to configure and test your proximity campaigns

Real-time Analytics

View instant progress of each proximity campaign or see real time data on assets in the supply chain.

Hardware Store

From waterproof beacons to wearables, we have all the hardware you need for rapid deployment.

Proximity Marketing PlatformDiscover and engage customers

Discover and engage customers with our proximity marketing platform, easyContext. With minimum effort, execute highly targeted, segmented campaigns in minutes and start gathering valuable insights. The real-time analytics enable you to test, refine and roll out the best propositions.


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Improve footfall, increase sales

Know your hourly, daily and weekly footfall giving retailers that extra edge to target peak hours, convert browsers into customers and ultimately optimize store performance.

Reward customer loyalty

Incentivise your customers to come back, buy more and spread the word about your business.

Richer customer experiences

Combine our Gateway and Beacons for greater interaction with your audience and deliver personalised experiences.

Real Time Location SystemProtect, track & provide visibility of valuable assets

Protect, track & provide visibility of valuable assets from products & equipment to people with our NearbyTracker platform. In conjunction with our NearbyGateway and beacon hardware, monitor movement between zones, temperature and moisture levels. Receive custom alerts to your mobile app or view an asset’s position in real time.

Further optimize company safety or security protocols by tracking people, control their routes and access within different zones, such as restricted areas.

Improve the mobility of your Smart City by incorporating tracking devices to transport (bicycles, buses, trains …) or parking areas.

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Real-time Alerts for Industry & Logistics

Control the position and time of parts and goods that stay in the warehouse, the assembly line or in the transportation. Receive real-time alerts when an asset is moved or enters / exits a new zone.

Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding

View your beacon network, identify your assets in real-time or improve your visitor experience

Security and Accessibility

Optimise your company’s security protocols. Realise tracking of people, control their routes and grant permissions to have access in different zones.

A beacon for every scenario.Our beacons are simple and straightforward to set-up and manage

We design our own iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ compliant beacons in order to provide you with a comprehensive Proximity Marketing or Asset Tracking solution. There are discounts available for large orders and you have the option of customising your beacons with your own logo (min qty required).

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Case StudiesAccelerating businesses

Far reaching benefitsBoth RTLS and Proximity Engagement have wide appeal with 14.5m sensors already deployed across the globe.