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Context aware communication using beacons, geolocation
& QR codes 

Manage your zones, contents and campaigns with our easy to use cloud platform

A complete set of tools for engagement

Engage customers, staff, visitors and patients or even track inventory with our Bluetooth beacons. Deliver key messaging to smartphones at precise locations and times. Publish security alerts and health & safety announcements that can be updated instantly. Or drive footfall and publicise in-store promotions with proximity marketing content including QR codes, images, bespoke html and video.

Our solutions include everything you need to get you up and running in no time. From a range of iBeacon and Eddystone beacons to our easy-to-use engage platform.

Everything you need for
Bluetooth, context-aware engagement

SaaS Platform

Our online proximity management tool, Engage, makes deploying, managing and analysing campaigns a breeze. 

Features quick dashboard overview of your beacons, campaigns and top line analytics. Plus a handy wizard to walk you through campaign setup in no time.


Flexible content options for a wide variety of campaign types. Including; text, image, video, bespoke html and QR codes. Or deliver websites, landing pages and surveys. 

Review and refine your campaigns with the analytics. Includes Google Analytics integration.

Bluetooth Beacons

Beacons relay content from the platform to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones in their proximity. 

Our Bluetooth beacons are ready to use straight out of the box. For use in proximity deployments marketing and tracking applications.


Range includes weatherproof, long-range and USB beacons plus discrete wearables. All our beacons support iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ protocols.

Buy beacons online here


The content from the platform, is received (via the Beacon) in an app on the recipients smartphone. 

Why is an app necessary? Because it stops unsolicited content and ensures your messaging has meaning and is received by users that have already downloaded your app. In a marketing situation this means there's already a brand connection to build upon. In health and safety environment, it ensures that users get the important messaging
at the right time.

Demo App

Use the ProximiPRO Demo App to test your campaigns and beacons ready for deployment.

Download from Google Play or the App Store.

Bespoke App

Need an app? No problem, our app development team can build your bespoke app from the ground up. Including the ProximiPRO proximity functionality from day one.

Email us for details.


Already have an app or want to start from scratch? No problem, our SDK is now available for iOS and Android.

Download the SDK here.

Who doesn't carry a mobile?

The ability to deliver engaging content to smartphones based on the user's precise location and time of day opens up a world of innovative customer experience possibilities.

Meet the Ultra Thin Beacon