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Full visibility of your asset locations in real-timeMonitor materials or people through a dashboard. Register movements between zones, receive custom alerts or view positioning in real time.

Real Time Location System (RTLS) uses beacons attached to physical assets, these devices send data periodically using BLE communication. Our BLE/WiFi Gateway detects nearby beacons, obtains their data and sends it through different communication interfaces, such as internet or serial communication.

The platform receives information and displays this data to users in real time via an interactive control panel or through alerts to a smartphone application.

Join our Beta Programme, Coming SoonApplications are now open to join our Beta Programme

Our Beta Programme is aimed aimed businesses that are looking to test IoT RTLS. The programme is free of charge, however is only available to serious players. If that’s you, simply complete the application opposite and we’ll be in touch very soon.




Attach a beacon to your assets, it can be equipment or people



Monitor your beacon fleet



View real-time data and analytics



Receive alerts based on beacon telemetry

The key benefits of the ProximiPRO RTLS PlatformWe'll have you monitoring assets in minutes.

It only takes minutes to set up your RTLS infrastructure and have the platform ready to receive real-time data from your beacon fleet.

Simple Set-up

Easily register assets (beacons with a QR code) in the system using the App to scan the QR code.

Real-time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts to your smartphone, know when assets enter or exit a zone or check their location history

Analytics and API

Flexible analytics dashboard. Download the most relevant data (assets by zones, times, movements …), or access them in real time thanks to our REST API


Real-time management from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Activate your NearbyGateway for asset tracking or even to stream content via HDMI to a screen.

Real-time Logistics Alerts

Control the position and time of parts and goods that stay in the warehouse, the assembly line or in the transportation. Receive real-time alerts when an asset is moved or enters / exits a new zone.

Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding

View you beacon network, identify your assets in real-time or improve your visitor experience.

Security and Accessibility

Optimise your company’s security protocols. Realise tracking of people, control their routes and grant permissions to have access in different zones.

Richer customer experiences

Combine our Gateway and Beacons for greater interaction with your audience and deliver personalised experiences.

Not sure which solution is right for you?Get in touch — tell us your RTLS requirements, and we'll then be able to help you find the right solution